Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I can't believe I'm doing it guys...I'm really blogging!

So I wouldn't say I'm anti blog I just don't have a whole lot of free time so, don't expect this blog to get too fancy. I was finally convinced to set this up due to Nash picture demands.  So here he is cute as ever next to marrying Sean he is the best thing that ever, ever happened to me... yes this sounds cheesy but it's true!! If you haven't tried it yet do... have a KID!! I love being a mom and I can't wait to have another one but due to the craziness of  life right now that will have to wait for a little while.  I'm currently in nursing school at BSU and working part time at the hospital and Sean is working full-time as an electrical foreman and finishing his business degree in the evening at BSU. Nash is busy being passed around between my sister-in-law Kandyss (austin's wife), my mom, my sister,and my cousin so his days are exciting as well, I am sooo lucky to have my family close and willing to help.  Yes, the rumors are true we are moving back to SLC, Sean's old company has offered him a job that would be stupid to turn down.  So, I've applied for a nursing program down in Utah and if I get then we will all be moving down around May or June... but, if  don't get in then Sean will go down with out me and Nash and we will stay here until I graduate next spring.  It's just too hard to get into the nursing programs anymore to give up my spot if I don't have a spot in another program to go to. So if Sean has to go without us we decided that were just going to pretend he's going to Iraq but, it's safer and closer and we can see each other on the weekends so that not too bad right...?!  Well thats it for my first posting I hope it was sufficient. Oh yeah Nash will be 6 months on March 14th!!! I can't believe it he's getting so big he's sitting and rolling and I'm afraid he's getting ready to crawl!! That's going to be scary.