Sunday, February 22, 2009

This is all I do...

This is as good of an update as you can get on my life right now... school! However, I am quickly approaching the end...yea!... no more white pants!!! We have to wear white pants to our Clinicals, it's horribly embarrassing seeing as nursing schools stopped requiring their students to wear them in the EIGHTIES!! But no... not out program! (hope Paula never sees this..or maybe I do) I guess it could be worse the girls in our program last year had ruffles on their scrub tops, along with the white pants!! Luckily though I do have one of my long time best friends, Erin in the program with me, and as you can see we do all occasionally go out together as a class and celebrate the end of a semester! So between school, trying to talk to Sean on the phone as many times in a day as I can and CRAZY Nash my time is pretty much booked but, life is good!