Monday, June 2, 2008

yes we're stil alive, just not very good bloggers

Nash at his first Bee's game

So life has been a little crazy Sean has now moved to Salt Lake, we've rented out our house, I'm in my parents basement and Sean is living with his parents in SLC. It's going to be a hard year but as soon as school is done we'll join him.Hopefully he'll be flying home at least 3 weekend a month. Last week Nash took his first plane ride. He and I went down to hang out with Sean for a week. The flight down was great!!! The flight back.... yeah I was "that mom" on the plane with the screaming child. The ENTIRE flight SCREAMING!!!! So that was a disaster but we had fun while we were there. Nash is getting so big! He's now crawling and pulling himself up on everything he looks like a little abused child with all of the bruises on his face from his many falls. School is about to start up again and between that and work and Nash my life is going to be crazy!